Friday, May 27, 2011

'Ready Today, Prepared For Tomorrow' --- Naval Commanders Conference Concludes

The Naval Commander's Conference which commenced on 24th May concluded today after fruitful deliberations over four days. The Chief of Naval Staff took stock of various aspects involving acquistions, operations, personnel and logistics in the presence of senior leadership of the Indian Navy.

One of the focus areas during the conference was the prevailing security environment and the need to ensure that naval units are kept at the highest state of readiness to meet unforeseen challenges. To ensure this Commanders were directed that training of personnel and honing of their skills be closely monitored for execution of the tasks assigned with the highest level of professionalism.

While reviewing the acquisition plans of the Indian Navy, stress was laid on close monitoring of ongoing projects to ensure timely completion and prevent cost over runs. Attention was also drawn to timely fruition of infrastructure development associated with operationalisation of new inductions and projects already approved by the Government, particularly, Operational Turn Round bases in A&N Islands, Forward Operating Base at Tuticorin and Naval Air Enclaves.

With regard to utilising budgetary allocations, the CNS stressed that capital expenditure be evenly spread throughout the year and fiscal prudence be exercised in respect of revenue expenditure.

Various aspects of the induction and fleet integration of 'Vikramaditya' along with its air element of MiG 29 K fighters was also discussed. The training and infrastructural preparations to operate this and other transformational assets were also reviewed.

In the course of the four day conference the Defence Ministeer had addressed the Naval Commanders on 25 May laying out the higher directives and in keeping with the practice of sharing inter service perceptions on matters of security, the Chief of Army Staff also addressed the gathering on the same day.


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