Thursday, June 2, 2011

After Vijayee Bhava, Western Command's - Vajra Corps Exercises---Pine Prahar Concludes!

The Vajra Corps culminated its annual training activity by conducting Exercise PINE PRAHAR. Over 200 tanks, infantry combat vehicles and 12000 men carried out varied maneuvers through day and night in relentless pursuit of their challenging objectives.

The operations in the exercise were meticulously planned and executed as the training formations crossed formidable water obstacles with a lethal combination of force multipliers that enhanced their ability to achieve the desired objectives in the shortest time with minimum casualties.

The closest integration between man and machine and between the various components of the all-arms teams was visible in every intricate maneuver. A seamless network of information systems, quick and effective decision-making, timely on-call air and artillery support and an enviable logistics back up were all practiced through the different phases of the exercise. Vajra Corps amply demonstrated their military acumen and indomitable spirit throughout this month-long frenzy of training activity.

Senior Army leadership visited the exercise area to witness the training first-hand. They witnessed various maneuvers and urged the formation to continue its quest for excellence and to remain ever-ready to achieve every assigned mission.


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