Thursday, June 16, 2011

MV Suez

Indian Navy has actively coordinated with all Coalition Force Navies and other Navies for providing cover to MV Suez. Navies with ships which were closest to Suez have responded to the request for assistance.

Commencing AM 16 Jun 11, MV Suez has started her transit through the Gulf of Aden. The transit of MV Suez is being monitored by all warships deployed in the Gulf of Aden.

On 15 Jun 11, the INS Godavari was escorting two other merchant vessels with 21 Indians in the Gulf of Aden, and was also tasked to close MV Suez in the morning of 16 Jun 11.

On reaching MV Suez, INS Godavari made every effort through all available means and channels to communicate with Suez. However the Master of MV Suez, did not respond.

After confirming that MV Suez was safe and was being escorted by other warships of Coalition forces deployed in the Gulf of Aden, the IN Ship continued with its task of escorting the two other merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden, whilst at the same time monitoring the transit of MV Suez, in coordination with other navies.

The Indian Navy is continuously assessing the situation and monitoring all developments.


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Anonymous said...

If the Suez guys are angry with GOI, why they show it on the Navy? The Navies hands are tied by the govt. So why they show anger towards them. They are stupid people. They don't know who the idiots are (THE GOI, especially SM Krishna) and blame the navy unnecessarily. Stupids.