Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shaurya Launches Successfully!

The DRDO developed 700 kms range Shourya Missile is successfully flight tested at 2.30 PM from Launch Complex III of ITR, Balasore on 24th Sep 2011. The Missile was launched from a canister in a ground launch mode. The launch of the missile was perfect like in text book and followed the path exactly to the predefined target in Bay of Bengal. All the Radar Stations, Telemetry Stations, Electro-Optical Stations all along the East Coast have tracked and monitored all the mission parameters. Ships located near the target have also tracked and witnessed the final event. The Missile has reached the target within few meters accuracy. The Missile is equipped with multiple advanced computing systems, very high accuracy navigation and guidance systems.

DRDO Chief Controller Shri Avinash Chander congratulated all the scientists and employees of DRDO and other establishments. Director DRDL Shri P Venugoplalan, Director ITR Shri SP Dash, Director SPIC Shri Satish Kumar and Programme Director AK Chakravarti have monitored all the preparatory operations. Shri A Joseph Project Director and team have prepared the missile and conducted the launch flawlessly.


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