Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NATO Has Failed To Bring Stability, Can't Talk To Taliban As Thier Address Not Known :Afghan Prez Waxes Eloquent About Borderless Nations!

This morning at the R K Mishra memorial lecture, Afghanistan President talked about the strategic partnership pacts inked yesterday between both nations, saying they always existed, but now are on paper, which would include training of Afghan police and military by India, as transfer of authority from NATO has begun. The first tranche of the transfer of power/authority from NATO to Afghan forces was in July this year, the next one is this month.

"Afghanistan freed itself, as it had the desire to free itself, and its not because of NATO. NATO has failed to bring stability to the region. Borderless countries, is my vision, where four-year olds dont talk of suicide bombers, and neither know about Chinooks and Black Hawks."

He envisaged having breakfast in Amritsar, lunch in Lahore, dinner in Kabul and the next day's breakfast in Tehran (some ambitious vision and wishful thinking!!). He refused talking to Taliban as their address is not known and there is no mediator to talk to, the one sent last time turned out to be suicide bomber, once their address is known, he is ready to talk to them, in the meantime Afghanistan will talk to its brother Pakistan, and friend India about how to deal with terrorism!! Till then training and building of roads to continue.

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